Testing has become ubiquitous in every software development cycle. So to ensure quality in you software development, we at Access Cloud, offer a full cycle of testing and quality assurance services.

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Service Highlights

We are specialised in ensuring that your applications and software are free of issues. Following are the major testing services we proffer to our clients:

Functional testing

The complete functional testing is based on a comprehensive test strategy and is well documented by our expert testers. With utmost efficiency, we identifydefects in the early stage of the development cycle and address them.

We assure our clients with enhanced productivity and faster ROI with our service in this genre.

Performance testing

Performance testing, also known as non-functional testing, is one of the primary aspects need to be addressed ensuring the efficiency of the application.

So to cut down the bottlenecks in an application, database and various other code limitations, our test reporters come tothe rescue. In fact, our performance testing engineers mitigate the risk of denial of service and improve application’s load resistance.

Automation testing

Gone are the days of manual testing. Optimise the use of your resources and exploit best practices by accelerated automation testing.

In Access Cloud we have experienced specialists, an expert in delivering tester friendly automation solutions using both commercial and open-source test tools.

To enjoy our service as we help our clients in identifying the right tools and designs of test so that the companies get the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Security testing

Owing to the complex network system like LAN, and WAN to name a few, security is essential in all business closing to the revenues of various vulnerabilities.

With our bespoke security testing, we minimise threats and enhance management confidence.

We also proffer a variant of other testing services. To know further details, let’s get in touch to discuss and evaluate our software testing capabilities.

Why Access Cloud

  • You can count on our decade long experience for project recovery, new projects and even project resources
  • We help you realise your ambitious projects
  • Client driven flexible engaging models; including onshore, offshore or onsite models
  • We use our expertise, experience and best practice models to support your internal team and help achieve your business goals
  • Ability to support multiple platforms like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Mobility and others
  • Cut costs by atleast 30% by hiring us
  • We sail with you to make your business goal a success!